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Small buyers (individuals or small businesses alike) spend more to get less quality of the things they need e.g. food, housing, healthcare, education/training, etc.

They are at the mercy of retail forces because their needs are in small quantities. They end up with low productivity at high costs or even waste of money, time, and other resources.

Imagine joining hundreds of other people to buy and share a big truckload of rice, or form a school for your children or buy the items you all need in your small businesses.

Split-buy is Skupaj Poceni Poslovni Sodelavci in Slovenian language, roughly meaning grouping for low-cost business. You or your small business can order from Split-Buy today at split-buy.spps.com.ng.

You immediately become part of a large group of people to split-buy and bring down the costs of high-quality inputs like food, all within your neighborhood or community.

Our platform is open online 24 hours a day. All you need do is place your order for items according to your needs. The costs of items are determined together, so that you get high quality at the right price, there in your locality, and at the right time.

Isn’t that fantastic?

For more information, contact us.

SPPS Share-Buy platform operates with the time-honored Principles of the Global Cooperative Movement.

Integrity, Orderliness, and consistency are the hallmarks or core values of our platform.

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